I'm Nathan.  I'm a professional wedding photographer with 10 years of experience behind me. I absolutely love weddings, I absolutely love marriage, and I couldn't be happier to hit the ground running every day, making sure every client flips out over their amazing photos. I primarily shoot in Washington, DC and Virginia but am available for travel anywhere!

My style is a well-balanced mix of documentary and photojournalism, with a focus on creative portraiture. My artistic goal is to capture the real, emotional, and beautiful aspects of a wedding, while also giving time on the wedding day to create gorgeous, visually inventive portraits unique to each couple.

I'm also a podcaster.  One of my best friends + fellow wedding photographer Sam Hurd and I conduct the bi-weekly The Epic Podcast, a conversational show discussing wedding photography, movies, and cool new photography + audio gear.

I got hitched in May of 2015 to my BFF Abigail.  Since then we've traveled the world, eaten many a pizza (see photos) and acquired Steinway the wunderdog (as in "I wunder how she got the butter off the counter AGAIN"). 
If you are what you eat, that dog is butter.

I'm also a bassist, guitarist, and vocalist.  I've been in 20 or so bands since high school. 
Currently I play guitar and sing in Prisms.  My dad says, "it's loud!"

I love hanging out with people all the time (again, see photos), attempting to DJ with another one of my best friends Vineet, talking about every movie, going to metal shows, and...I can't stress enough just how much pizza I eat.

I have a lot of other quirks and bizarre qualities that make me happy to be who I am, and hopefully so do you.

So let's work together!

Abbi + I in OBX

Abbi + I in OBX