Danielle + Tom // Alexandria Virginia Wedding

Oh, just an absolutely perfect wedding for your perusal today!
It’s so exciting to see two people with real passion for each other! Danielle and Tom are MFEO (made for each other—Sleepless in Seattle, anyone? No? Just me? …moving on…)

Let’s start with Tome. Tom is a total sweetheart. Since the minute the three of us met, every time he looked at Danielle he was absolutely beaming with joy! Their engagement session went so awesomely well that the long 6-month wait til their wedding nearly killed me.

On to the wedding!

The ceremony took place at Blessed Sacrament Church, which is a gorgeous Catholic church in Northern Virginia. Afterwards the bridal party and I endured sub-freezing temperatures for epic portraits in Old Town Alexandria!

I love it when a couple incorporates their gifts into their wedding day. One of Danielle’s gifts is that she is an amazing vocalist, so she sang to Tom at the reception! I was totally blown away by how beautiful her voice is. They also had a curated karaoke party section during their reception (AWESOME). Since Danielle is one of The Alexandria Singers, naturally a bunch of the guests were incredibly talented singers as well, and a few of them sang songs for the couple and the rest of the wedding guests to get down to! Before the party was over, we ventured out into the freeze again for some incredible night portraits. Thank you, D + T, for the opportunity to be there with you!

It’s easy to see why these two are a perfect match. See for yourself below!

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Karla + Billy's Wedding - Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer

Outdoor weddings are the best!! This one alllllmost got rained out but the storm decided to go away literally just a few minutes before the wedding was scheduled so hooray! Karla and Billy's big day was incredibly fun, especially when near the end of the night, pretty much everybody at the reception hit the dancefloor and I mean it was sweet!! Congratulations K + B! Check out the photos below!

Karly + Jeff (+ Rusty the Dog)

I'm always up for meeting new people.  And photography just seems like a great way to get that done!  So I met up with Karly and her boyfriend Jeff for a portrait session in Alexandria.  It was delightfully cold and the sun was giving off a really strong orange light, and I mean it was great! We made some amazing discoveries!  We found a railroad track, a huge section of untouched snow behind a glassy building, and an old beat up parking lot.   And we met this kid from Florida who was so amazed by the ice on the Potomac that he was just standing there poking it with a stick just to watch it break.  I mean ice is cool's ice on a river dude!  I guess it's the little things. : )

Enough rambling.  See the photos below!

Hey Rusty!