Richmond VA

Amanda + Jason // Richmond Virginia Wedding

This wedding was a beautiful whirlwind!

I met Amanda and Jason about a year ago while I was still living in Richmond, and immediately vibed with Amanda’s supercool attitude and Jason’s super sarcastic attitude! I just instantly loved these people and we immediately set up a date for an engagement session for a few months down the line (which you can refresh your memory on right over here).

I had a lot of fun with them and I knew their wedding would be incredible. Spoiler alert IT WAS!!!!

They were married at Historic Tredegar in Richmond Virginia, a beautiful almost-riverside historic building complex. Tredegar used to produce large cannons during the Civil War, and now houses a great Civil War museum. The open spacious environment inside and the absolutely perfect day outside provided a backdrop for this gorgeous wedding. I won’t say much more, just that I can’t get enough of these two and I’m so glad that I was there to witness their vows and celebrate their love! On to the photos!!

Caitlin + Travis Engagement Session in the Great City of Richmond, VA

I love Richmond!  Check out all its ivy-laden, graffiti'd, tree-lined alleys!  Old brick buildings!  It's pretty quiet in The Fan, which is a little section in the center of Richmond where the cool people live and hang out, and where we took all of these shots.  The whole city definitely just has a great feel to it, and I have a great time every time I go down there. Caitlin + Travis are way cool!  I was so happy to meet them!  They seem really genuine.  And it's just really nice to meet a couple that's so comfortable with each other!  I can't wait to shoot their wedding; October can't come fast enough.  I'm really happy for you guys and anyway check out the photos from our foray into The Fan!