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crazy // strange // great // 2018

Well, that was a year alright.

A crazy, strange, great 2018. Let’s break that down:

Crazy: what even happened this year?! Abbi + I traveled all over the country with family, and went back to Italy for a third time! I flew to California for a few weddings, and moved to Baltimore Maryland! A LOT of traveling. We’re both really loving Baltimore so you should come visit!! It is actually an awesome town. Just gotta dodge the horrible drivers.

Strange: this year saw less overall bookings than previous years, so I used it as a time to do some thinking about what’s been successful and unsuccessful and what I need to work on personally + professionally in the coming months and years. A new website is in the works and I’m…pretty dang excited about it! I’ve also tried some cool new stuff this year…more on that below.

Great: The weddings I was privileged to be a part of this year and the people that I’ve met along the way have made this an incredible year. I love photography, because when done well, it has the power to paint an emotional canvas of a whole life in each image. Looking back on all of the moments in these amazing people’s lives, I feel honored to be doing what I’m doing; to have a perspective on those moments. The trust you put into a photographer is In the images below you’ll see a whole lot of things in addition to my weddings and engagements. It’s been interesting to try to stretch myself a little this year. Political stuff, editorial events, travel photos; I’ve even done some newborn, baby, and family sessions this year, one of which was for a couple whose wedding I photographed three years ago! It’s so exciting to see these people going through another amazing stage of life and to reconnect after so long.

crazy // strange // great // 2018:

2017 Year in Review

Hello world!

In this collection you'll find my favorite wedding photos made in the bizarre year that was 2017.  I'm thrilled to show these off because they represent all of the people that I met this year and all of the joy and excitement they experienced on their wedding days.  It's an honor to do what I do.

In here you'll see some travel shots from my various adventures around the world: Italy, Austria, Jamaica, and even Chicago (to answer your next question, yes, I got deep dish from Lou Malnati's, and yes, it was awesome). 

You'll see some political photos in here as well.  I had the opportunity to photograph former President Barack Obama in my new hometown of Richmond on his first major political appearance since leaving office.  I photographed Vice President Mike Pence, and former Health and Human Services Director Tom Price hours before he announced his resignation.  Pretty crazy!

: :

I can't wait to meet new friends and make more art this year!  Enjoy!

2014 in Review :: My Best Images of the Year

Hello everyone! I feel like 2014 went by really fast.  I blinked and it was over.  But a lot of great things happened this year!  I met some fantastic people and booked some of the most awesome clients I could ask for.  I have literally shed tears of joy while doing what I love.  I've shared with all my clients in their wedding day, witnessed their vows and silently wished them the best as I snapped away.  I second shot for a few photographers, epicly bought a few in-between-ceremony-and-reception pizzas, and generally dominated alongside some of the most talented artists in our vicinity.  I also got engaged back in April!  Planning my own wedding has been a fun challenge, and a major insight into some of the things my clients are going through while planning their weddings.

Another thing that happened: I took a lot of photographs!  I wanted to highlight my best images of the year, and show them off to you the viewer.  I traveled a bit again this year, to California, Austin (where some of my photos landed me a sweet interview), New Orleans, Washington DC (if a 15-minute commute counts as traveling), and yes, I even took the plunge and ventured into Baltimore.

This year is already shaping up to be wonderful; but go now, and gaze deeply into the awesomeness that was 2014!

001 washington dc wedding photographer Nathan Mitchell002 beautiful bridal portrait003 California wedding portrait004 Boone North Carolina Wedding photographer005 California Sunset006 bride getting ready with bridesmaids Beautiful portrait big spring farm007 creative engagement photo in tall grass008 cute flower girls ringing bells009 national building museum washington dc labyrinth engagement photo010 Blue ridge mountains creative shot011 National Building Museum washington dc engagement session012 Kennedy Center washington DC rooftop engagement session013 gorgeous first kiss shot014 wedding bridesmaids jumping for joy015 creative moon photo016 Black Cat washington dc concert photo017 SXSW rap concert photo018 creative engagement photo under a bridge019 couple laughing together020 wedding bride portrait Nathan Mitchell Photography021 Bride with bridesmaids and bridesmen022 creative wedding ceremony tilt shift023 Martin Luther King Jr Memorial washington dc wedding portrait024 prisming wedding photo franciscan monastery washington dc025 Mission Inn California first look026 Mission Inn california Freelens wedding portrait027 epic portrait of groom028 groom taking shirt off during dancing029 groom being carried while dancing030 groom looks at ring031 Baltimore National Aquarium turtles032 Baltimore National Aquarium parrot033 Brenizer Method wedding portrait034 Air and Space Museum engagement session035 bride getting ready Nathan mitchell photography036 engagement session nathan mitchell photography037 Lake tahoe freelensing038 We're engaged039 Engagement party040 beautiful girl portrait041 texas star freelens wedding portrait042 beautiful creative engagement session043 Golden gate bridge san francisco freelens044 tilt shift wedding portrait045 creative engagement photo beautiful bokeh046 Washington dc engagement session047 Trip Lee portrait Nathan Mitchell Photography047a spoken word artist portrait photographer048 black cat mainstage young rapids show049 Audacity SXSW DC vs the world unofficial showcase SXSW 2014050 Beautiful night portrait on a boat big spring farm051 georgetown engagement session colorful creative052 williamsburg virginia creative engagement session053 Oldtown Alexandria engagement black and white054 California River landscape nathan mitchell photography055 wedding portrait in a field056 Wedding Dancing photo057 black and white bride with grandmother058 franciscan monastery washington dc bride and groom walking059 beautiful night portrait big spring farm060 Bride and Groom singing with wedding band061 couple embracing near farmhouses062 New Orleans bridge over railroad063 Steve Wozniak holding microphone nathan mitchell event photographer064 Edward Snowden video conference national press club065 gorgeous high key bridal portrait066 Maryland wedding photo ivy freelensing067 Mission Inn California Los Angeles wedding portrait068 cherry blossom engagment session069 Frowny woman san francisco070 Salamander Middleburg Resort wedding portrait071 Maryland wedding portrait072 Meridian House washington dc wedding photographer073 nathan mitchell photography


Some numbers for the mathematical people in the room:

total number of photos taken in 2014: 132,615 photographs total computer memory used in 2014: ~3.9TB (with my RAID configuration though, bump that up to almost 8TB) camera systems used: Nikon Df, Nikon D750 wondrous things witnessed: All of the things