Becca + Phil's Hurricane of a Wedding - Arlington, VA Wedding Photographer

Whoa! We dodged a hurricane there.

No, seriously, this wedding happened literally a few hours before the hurricane hit DC!

As you can see Becca and Phil are really fun and pretty goofy!!!  Even though they were sad about the hurricane (see below) they also didn't care at all and the wedding was super fun despite the rain!!  Also this is the wedding that includes the now super-famous ZOMBIE BRIDESMAIDS!!

After the reception I drove home in CRAZY rain and made cookies.  Nothin like a hurricane to bring out the cook in me.

Zombie Bridesmaids

One of the bridesmaids in a recent wedding I shot posted a before and after photo I sent to her.  They wanted to do a zombie shot so I said "ok why not!"  I had to up my photoshop game a little but it came out alright!  Pretty bare-bones, so to speak.  But I enjoy a challenge! So...here's the link to her post!  And of course, here are the photos!